Stories abound of wildly successful startups, but what about the ones that don’t make it? Nobody likes to talk about failure, but to paint an accurate picture of startups and entrepreneurship in general, you need to have both sides of the story. Every now and again, there are some brave attempts at post mortems of failed startups, but they seem to be the exception rather than the rule.

Failed Startups is an effort to gather all of these important stories together and profile the startups that failed, what went wrong and what lessons could be learnt. Occasionally I’ll piece together what went wrong from other sources and offer my own analysis. Other times I’ll feature the stories from the founders themselves.

A failed startup is defined here as a company that is founded and shut down within a decade. There is a bias towards technology startup failures within the last 5 years, but I’ll also profile other types of companies.

To submit a failed startup or contact me, please send me an email at failedstartups@googlemail.com.


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